General Blogs: Gravity by Glenn A. Segal

About the Author Glenn A. Segal

Eight years ago, as I sat inside DeJaView Optical; reading four novels, a biography and paging through an agreement of sale, I had a flash epiphany.  Update a short story I had written as a teen. This idea (I was certain) would finance my retirement. Owing to the fact that I have no current pension plan in place I was motivated sufficiently to tackle this project. What I set out to create was a Urban/Scifi/Mystery novel based on a short story called ‘The Messiah’.  I stumbled across this archaic material, scrawled on folded paper, while leafing through an old Stephen King book called ‘The Stand’. I read through this very rough draft and decided; go with the basic premise wherever it led. From that point on, I have been on a mission, like The Messenger in my book.

I researched many subjects on my quest for a believable new religion.  These continuing endeavors prove informative and rewarding each and every day. There are discussions in the book on a great deal of topical subjects from GOD to social justice. The media and our concepts of death are kicked around. Hatred, greed and the pitfalls that accompany them are examined. In the façade of a scifi/series I explore the follies of mankind and our shaky future in this uncertain realm of time and space.

Give me your opinion on this project that’s dear to my heart.   I am a 57 year old, living in Philadelphia with the wife and kids. I work as an Optician in the nearby city.  Over the last nine years my life has taken an alternative route than what I had originally planned. Write a book, me, yeah right! All I can say is it’s like an ongoing circus unfolding before me. A grateful nod to my dog Sadie. Please check it out
Glenn Segal